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Approved by the IMT Graduation Committee at 10/29/2015

  1. Requests should be submitted in proper form, removed and returned in the Technical Division of IMT, Academic and the evidentiary documentation.
  2. Is allowed to carry out only 1 (one) proof substitution
  3. The student will have at most one week for the presentation of the request form and evidentiary documentation.
  4. Requests will be reviewed by the IMT graduation (CG/IMT), who is to authorize the carrying out of the race. In exceptional cases (for reasons of time, for example) the teacher responsible for discipline may authorize the conduct of proof, which does not exempt delivery of required documentation within the time limit above. In these cases, the CG/IMT will evaluate the merits of the request.
  5. Accepted documents for justification: medical certificates in which the record local phone service, BO, death certificate of first degree relatives, Declaration of participation in official events representing the USP and recognized by the same (e.g. SIICUSP, etc.). The Declaration shall be issued by the teacher Coordinator or supervisor, you must belong to the USP.
  6. Situations not provided for in the items above will be evaluated individually by the CG/IMT.


Admission and selection criteria of particular student

Students with high school diploma (or higher) can attend isolated disciplines of graduation offered by Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo, subject to the provisions of the Resolution nº 3757 CoG/1990.

In this mode, the interested studying isolated disciplines of undergraduate courses and at the end of the semester receives a certificate of approval issued by IMT-USP.

Click here to consult the undergraduate disciplines offered by the IMT.

As Commission decision of IMT graduation in 26.04.2016, the selection and Special student admission will depend on:

  1. the existence of vacancies in the discipline of interest to the applicant, after the registration of regular students and other students USP;
  2. the approval of the teacher responsible for the discipline of interest of the requester. The teacher, in addition to the analysis of the justification of the application, may, in its discretion, conduct interviews, check examination or analysis.

The person concerned shall submit to the Technical Academic Division of IMT-USP, as time in the school calendar of the University of São Paulo, the following documentation:

  • application for registration; (click here for the application form)
  • copy of the identity document – accompanied by the original;
  • If foreigner, passport copy with a temporary visa, properly updated or, if applicable, a copy of their identity card for foreign-accompanied the original;
  • copy of the certificate of completion of high school or equivalent (higher education diploma or certificate of enrolment in higher education).