The CIPA of the Institute of Tropical Medicine of São Paulo was established in June 2003, in compliance with the law 69/4923, item 5/4 the NR5, Managing Director, Prof. Dr. Antonio Walter Ferreira.

The first President was Mr. Almir Robson Ferreira, Member of the Board of Directors of IMTSP and responsible for the Visual communication of the institution.

Among the many actions carried out in this period of 2003 to 2008, we can relate the risk maps of buildings 1 and 2, the creation of the Cultural Agenda with presentations of scientific and social nature, actions with the Commission of biosecurity, 4 SIPATs and 1 together with the Faculty of Medicine, with themes about the health of the worker, interference in the internal security of the institution by proposing changes in habit and reforms and various motivational campaigns in the workplace.

In 2008 she was nominated employee Ana Maria Gonçalves da Silva to the Presidency of the CIPA, on management of Prof. Claudio S. Pannuti.

Currently was reappointed in the role of President of CIPA Bel. Almir Robson Ferreira.


2015/2016 management

Sr. Almir Robson Ferreira

Sr. Sérgio Roberto de Souza Leão da C. Campos (Membro)
Sra. Tânia Regina Tozetto-Mendoza (Membro-Suplente)
Sra. Laura Masami Sumita (Membro-Suplente)
Sr. Igor Maciel (Vice-Presidente eleito)
Sra. Christiane Yumi Ozaki (Membro-Eleito)
Sra. Maria Cristina Nakhle (Suplente-Eleito)
Sr José Boga (Suplente-Eleito)


2016/2017 MANAGEMENT
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