Academic Division


The Technical Academic Division of IMT is directly linked to the Board and she competes to manage and coordinate the activities of academic administration, in particular:

  • Assist the Director, the Deputy Director, faculty, staff and students of the IMT, on issues relating to academic affairs, ensuring the technical and legal correctness of decisions and referrals
  • Assist the Board in setting goals and alternative proposition relating to academic affairs
  • Organize, advise and instruct supported meetings of deliberative Council, providing the routing of deliberations
  • Organize the administrative work of the teaching career, advising commissions judgmental as to statutory and regulatory aspects
  • Organize and perform the activities related to the elections for the choice of Director and Deputy Director and the election of the members of the Board of Directors of the IMT
  • Assist the commissions, postgraduate, research and ethics, graduation and culture and University extension, when prompted
  • Issue opinions pertaining to the academic area, when requested
  • Coordinate academic activities of IMT administratively, Graduate and Academic Support section


Debora Formenti 3061-8685
Head of Technical Division


(11) 3061-8685/(11) 3061-8639