Academic Support Section


Section of Academic Support is tied to Academic and Technical Division shall:

  • Assist the work of the Academic Technique Division, in particular, the Organization of teaching career contests, the choice of Director and Deputy Director and the election of the members of the Board of Directors of the IMT;
  • Organize, advise and instruct supported the meetings of the Committee of culture and University extension, graduate, research and Ethics Commission and the Commission of ethics in the use of Animals by providing the routing of deliberations and collaborating on technical and legal correctness;
  • Administer the University extension courses and scientific initiation programs and post-doctoral;
  • Administer compulsory and optional subjects offered by the IMT;
  • Meet the participants of extension courses, undergraduate program, postdoctoral program, graduate students and students enrolled in the disciplines relevant to business IMT work section.



Monday to Friday from 08 to 17 hours


(11) 3061-8639
Culture Affairs and extension:
Research and business ethics: