USP Campuses-safety prevention is important on and off Campus

Supervision of University prevention and protection

Aptly, the security model adopted in USP is based on a structure that has no legal administrative tools that can restrict constitutional freedoms of the people that make up the University space. It was built with the observance of the pillars in our Constitution and Citizen will be preserved.

This structure is based on two main driving forces, the participation of an extensive body of private surveillance, hired to cope with the needs of asset protection and a staff own composed of officers carrying out the surveillance and Guards.
The purpose of the supervision is to create conditions that allow the participation of all stakeholders in building a culture of peace. The participation of students, teachers, employees, Union, associations and other stakeholders is necessary and indispensable so that the perception of safety is improved.

The project is based on primary actions intended to protect the public health and safety, at USP. Will not be adopted, actions, secondary there is no legal basis for this coach.

Considering the democratic State of law, your agenda project on community and theoretical principles on democratic principles, directing their actions for the inclusion of all in the process of improving the perception of safety, human solidarity and the relationship of the individual with the environment natural or artificial.

This project leads to a form of management that focuses on practices not reactive, but rather, to all forms of prevention. We will spend the period of "idea of the force" to the "idea" service provided with quality, with ethics and morality, as well as based on examples of success and in modern techniques of prevention.

The Security Oversight will develop a series of actions that must integrate a University prevention and protection project named "University safe." This project, however, depends on the participation of the community uspian to your construction on all campuses and will be able to create opportunities for the culture of peace is definitely installed at USP.

Prof. Dr. Jose Antonio Visintin
Superintendent of University prevention and protection

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