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Research ethics in IMTSP

The Research Committee and ethics of Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo (CPE-IMT) aims to assess, from the ethical point of view, all research conducted under the IMT.

Have decision-making character, the only instance of analysis, research involving the use of animals for experimentation and acting as first instance in surveys involving investigations in humans.

In the latter case, after review and approval of the project through the CPE-IMT, the researcher responsible for research shall forward the project, with the letter of approval signed by the Coordinator of the CPE-IMT, to the competent authority that, in the case of research carried out within the framework of the Hospital das Clínicas and/or Faculty of Medicine of the USP, is the CAPPESQ.


Prof. Dr. Expedito José de Albuquerque Luna

Full members
Clarice Martins Machado
Luciana Regina Manohar Jaguaribe Ekman

Alternate members
Prof. Dr. Gil Benard
Prof. Mr. Jorge Simão Casseb Rosary
Kelly Agha Kanunfre
Susana Zevallos Lane

Student representatives
Barbara Brito de Souza Pereira (holder)
Barbara Fialho Sa Carvalho (alternate)


Calendar of meetings of the Committee of research and ethics (CPE) and Ethics Committee on the use of Animals (CEUA)-2016

The meetings will be held at 11:00 saved changes previously informed.

Jan Feb Sea Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Set Out Nov Ten
05 04 01 06 03 01 05 02 07 04 02




Rules of procedure of the Committee of Research

The Constitution of the Rectory of encouraging research, in its three phases (2011, 2012 and Infra-USP), in a project to support the expansion of the research.
Innovation leads to new procedures that need to be properly understood.

Guidance on the program.
Dean of research University

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