Flow Citometro

Citometro Multiuser flow IMT/FMUSP/USP

The BD LSRFORTESSA equipment is a citometro of the multi-user equipment program flow of FAPESP (case No. 2009/54219-8). This equipment was requested in order to provide researchers with HC-FMUSP complex access to flow cytometry technique of high yield.



Dr. Hector Franco de Andrade Jr.

Laboratory of Protozoology – LIM 49



Institute of Tropical Medicine of the USP

AV. Dr. Aeneas Aguiar, 470 Building II, 3rd floor



Has three lasers, being the blue laser (488nm), red laser (640nm) and the violet laser (405nm). Provides detection of size and complexity/cell granularity on and eleven more different fluorescence simultaneously, being they: PerCP-Cy5-5, PE-Cy5, PerCP, PE, PE-Cy7, PE-Texas Red, PI, FITC, Alexa Fluor 488, APC-Cy7, APC-H7, APC, Alexa Fluor 700, AmCyan, Horizon V500, Qdot, Qdot 605 525, Pacific Blue, Horizon V450, Marina Blue and Alexa Fluor 405.



Flow cytometry with fluorescence detection of up to 11 different simultaneous

Scheduling and technical information

For scheduling and technical information concerning the necessary reagents and protocols users should contact the responsible by e-mail: citometriaimt@nullgmail.com


Procedures and Rules of use


  1. All users must receive training before using the equipment. This training is provided every three months and must be scheduled by e-mail: citometriaimt@nullgmail.com. The user will receive all the training of handling equipment, rules of use, maintenance and biosafety.
  2. The schedules must be made by SKYNET system on the website http://intranet.imt.usp.br/or by email citometriaimt@nullgmail.com
  3. Each user is responsible for the Protocol and their cellular markings reagents.
  4. Bring the necessary samples for carrying out the calibration of the equipment, following the guidelines given in advance;
  5. Use the Individual safety equipment (Ppe) required during the stay in the equipment room;
  6. Bring Flash drive or CD to record the raw data for the experiment;
  7. Only use the equipment for the capture of the data. The further analysis should be made by the researcher.