Fluorimeter FilterMax F5 IMT/FMUSP Multiuser/USP

The microplate reader FilterMax Molecular Devices is a F5 – fluorimeter granted by the program multi-user equipment of FAPESP (case No. 2009/54219-8).


Dr. Hector Franco de Andrade Jr.
Laboratory of Protozoology – LIM 49


Institute of Tropical Medicine of the USP
AV. Dr. Aeneas Aguiar, 470 Building I, 1st floor – Lab. of Protozoology

FilterMax Equipment F5-Molecular Devices

The FilterMax F5 presents absorption (UV and visible), the fluorescence intensity (top and bottom), brightness of luminescence, fluorescence polarization (FP), fluorescence resolved in time (TRF), for 6-to 1,536 cards wells.
In addition, the instrument has linear and orbital agitation, in addition to the temperature control. Users can schedule endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelength scanning linear and area measurement types of scanning.
This player has multiple filters that allows the reading of different fluorescence: 535nm wavelength rose, 485nm (polarized), 485nm, 500nm, 370nm, 525nm, incubation and analytical methods, led 280nm, 320 NM, 260nm, 595nm, 620nm, 360nm, 340nm, 405nm, 420nm, 492nm, 450nm, 595nm, 535nm wavelength rose, 535nm wavelength rose (polarized), 625nm, 535nm wavelength rose, 430nm.


Reading of 96 cards to 1,536 wells (absorbance, fluorescence and UV)

Scheduling and technical information

For scheduling and technical information relating to the equipment, users should contact the responsible by e-mail: citometriaimt@nullgmail.com

Procedures and Rules of use


  1. The schedules must be made by SKYNET system on the website http://intranet.imt.usp.br/or by email citometriaimt@nullgmail.com
  2. Each user is responsible for all the Protocol and reagents of their markings.
  3. Use the Individual safety equipment (Ppe) required during the stay in the equipment room;
  4. Bring Flash drive or CD to record the raw data for the experiment;
  5. Only use the equipment for the capture of the data. The further analysis should be made by the researcher.