Spatial Analysis for Decision Making on Arbovirus Control


25-29 May 2020 from 9:00-17:00

Institute of Tropical Medicine, São Paulo, Brazil

Registration period
2/10- 3/10


Target Audience
Public health professionals, researchers and graduate students in the area of arbovirus control from Brazil and Latin America.

Background in either statistical modelling, public health, or biology.
Familiarity with, or interest in, arboviral diseases.
Basic knowledge and interest in epidemiological data analysis.
Conversational English (English will be the language of instruction).
Ability to bring a laptop computer.

Attendance is free but those attending will be responsible for costs of their travel and accommodation. However, limited accommodation in a building owned by the hospital may be available without cost.
Language of instruction will be English.

To convey how spatial data analysis can be used to improve arbovirus surveillance and control activities in Latin America.

After this workshop, participants should be able to:

1 – Understand how mapping can be used to guide control of arboviral diseases
2 – Geolocate mosquito breeding sites and other relevant features in the field
3 – Convert data from multiple sources into spatial data in R
4 – Carry out basic data manipulation of arbovirus surveillance data in R
5 – Make maps in R and use them to inform surveillance and control decisions
6 – Identify barriers to sustainable, integrated and operational use of spatial data for arbovirus control

Neal Alexander, Nelson Gouveia, Oliver Brady, Paul Mee, Adriana Tami, María Fernanda, María Eugenia
Facilitators mentioned on previous version: André Costa, Adriano Pinter, Gerson, Saraiva, Jonas Brandt